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PHI Academy Uniforms

Do you see the clothes these cuties are wearing? It is likely these are their only clothes.

PHI Academy is working heard to provide uniforms for our students. The uniforms will give them another set of clothing, provide a sense of belonging for each student, and make our students easily identifiable (easier to keep an eye on them coming and going from school).

We have some women in Liberia who are ready to make our uniforms for us. This is ideal because it saves us the cost of shipping to Liberia, creates a long term partnership and helps to stimulate the local economy.

We will have 30 students starting school in September. We have EIGHT uniforms paid for...just 8. Would you be willing to sponsor a uniform for one girl? $20 will help one girl attend PHI Academy -- opening the door for her education and introduction to Jesus Christ.

Who will make a $20 eternal investment?

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